Terms & Conditions of Tender / Estimate:


Unless stated in writing on the face of the Tender these conditions apply, unless subsequently agreed in writing by a director.
Any acceptance of this Tender shall be upon these conditions and, shall be subject to investigation of the Buyers credit status and we reserve the right to vary payment terms dependent upon credit rating.


This Tender will remain open for acceptance for a period of 60 days, unless revised in writing.


Employers liquidated and Ascertained Damages are not accepted unless agreed in writing by ourselves.
Form of contract is to be determined and we reserve the right to amend the price accordingly.


All increases or decreases in labour and/or material costs arising after the date of Tender will be adjusted to/from the Contract Sum unless specifically agreed in writing.
Work carried out during normal working hours Monday-Friday 08.00-17.00hrs. excluding Bank Holidays.
Variations or additional work to be valued in accordance with the standard JCT valuation Rules with day-work at our current rates.
The laying of cables and/or conduit runs, is by the shortest practical route, based upon the information supplied with the enquiry.
All builders work including decoration and fire stopping together with all fees to Statutory Authorities is not included.


Unless Sub-Contract Conditions have been agreed, payment shall be due in full, within 30 days of the date of written application/invoice.


Work will be carried out to suit the reasonable requirements of the customer, but no liability is accepted for any Loss and Expense arising out of any delay due to any cause beyond our control.
Should our work be delayed or disrupted by other trade, then any Loss and Expense is to be calculated as a variation. Evidence of all variations to be shown on current highlighted drawings and photgraphed.


Design costs and liabilities are not included unless stated.
Where design or part design is included in the Tender, it is based upon the reasonable interpretation of the information contained within the enquiry. Any liability is limited to the rectification of any possible defective work and not consequential costs incurred.


Irrespective of any period contained within the Sub-Contract, relating to Defects Liability, the warranty on any specified apparatus shall only relate to the Manufacturers guarantee period as from the time that it is installed into the works.
Should any systems or apparatus be put into operation before Practical Completion of the installation, then such systems shall be deemed to be acceptable on that date.


The property in all the goods forming any part of this contract shall remain vested in ourselves until such times as the full value of such goods have been paid to us.