Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control can range from very simple switching and dimming, through to quite sophisticated controls to set mood, ambience, colour and time sequencing, etc. Up until fairly recent times, the range of options for lighting control, outside of the commercial market, were quite limited. This constraint, in the main, was down to cost. This situation has now changed considerably, with increasing options becoming more affordable. We still work with leading companies such as Mode Lighting and Lutron EA Limited, for many of our commercial lighting installations, but they, together with several other reputable companies, now offer a much more comprehensive and affordable range of products. The development of LED lighting and controls, together with App control from smart phones and tablets, has now revolutionised domestic lighting possibilities.

Our other specialisms

Our Other Specialisms

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Electrical Heating

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Hawkstone Park Ltd

We have used Leddington Electrical for two of our major developments here at Hawkstone Park. We have received excellent service with a highly conscientious team providing us with good quality equipment and fittings all done within the timescales we required.
David Sims - Director

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