Conservation Project Works

This is a sphere outside of day-to-day electrical installation works. Specialist skills are required together with an empathy for the buildings, their contents and immediate environs. Specialist skills are required for the many and various buildings and structures, where needs arise for electrical installation works. These skills are only acquired through many years of experience, working on these important buildings together with a highly skilled, well trained and qualified team of engineers. The type of buildings range from small, but historic churches and chapels, through to major projects in World famous Cathedrals; from medieval buildings and structures, through to Stately Homes and Castles. A large percentage of these buildings are Grade 1 or Grade 2 and we have been working on these type of buildings for well over 30 years. Indeed, this very specialist area of work still forms a significant part of our comprehensive business model.

Our other specialisms

Our Other Specialisms

In addition to all the other specialist areas of work we carry out, there are a few further disciplines where we have some expertise....

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Like most areas involving buildings and construction, both old and new, ventilation will play a vital role in keeping the air quality in sections...

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Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control can range from very simple switching and dimming, through to quite sophisticated controls to set mood, ambience, colour and time sequencing, etc....

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Raby Estate

Leddington Electrical provide trustworthy advice and the team are polite, professional and efficient. Graham has a wealth of up-to-date knowledge and the company are great to work with. We can often find pragmatic solutions while managing the estate properties. A great partner to work with. Tom Birtles MRICS, Land Agent

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